ALEENA 4.0 – REVO Collection | Cover

At just 130 grams, ALEENA is the “featherweight” of padded seats. Compact and streamlined, it stands out for its original design – daring and sophisticated at the same time.

139,00 inc. VAT

  • REVO Green
  • REVO Grey
  • REVO Red
  • REVO Yellow


The anatomical channel along the longitudinal axis helps to ease pressure on the prostate area improving comfort especially in longer rides. Another advantage is that it follows the swinging movement of the pelvis during riding. Lateral bending is limited by the contrasting action of the carbon fibre bridge connecting the two sections of the shell. The tip features a large and comfortable support surface, allowing ALEENA’s width to be used from end to end. Make your bicycle stand out with ALEENA.

Additional information

REVO Green, REVO Grey, REVO Red, REVO Yellow

Weight (± 5%)

130 g (4,59 oz)


275 mm x 137 mm

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