KUMA 4.0

KUMA is the seat designed for those who rate comfort as the top priority, on any type of terrain.

318,00 inc. VAT

  • All Black
  • All White
  • Black Circle
  • Red Wave
  • White Tribal


A close relative of COMPTUS, it echoes its construction principles, materials and design. The difference is in the padding, made of a thicker layer of special non-toxic and anallergic EVA material.

This will not affect the weight of the seat – which is kept extremely low. KUMA is particularly suitable for off-road use thanks to the elastic properties of its T700 carbon fibre shell, combined with the cushioning power of EVA.

Additional information

Water-based microfiber

Foam padding

Super lightweight EVA

Padding support

Unidirectional carbon T700

Support Structure

Unidirectional T700 – 1K


275 mm x 132 mm

Weight (± 5%)

145 g (5,11 oz)


All Black, All White, Black Circle, Red Wave, White Tribal